How Many Botox Units Do I Need?

botox units aurora co | denver coThe number of Botox units you need varies depending on what area you are treating. Every person is different, but there are average doses from my years of injecting that I can share with you. If you are interested in Botox injections in Aurora, Denver and surrounding areas, contact Always Beautiful Medspa today.

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The FDA has approved 20 units (5 injection sites with 4 units each) to treat the lines between the eyebrows. I would say that I agree with this dose and it proves best. Anything less than 4 units per injection site wears off sooner than later. However, it’s always important to study the client’s anatomy and see what works best for them. Going with less units can sometimes mean the client’s results don’t last as long but they have a more natural appearance with slight movement.

Crow’s Feet

The FDA has approved 24 units for lines around the eyes. This means 12 units per eye, composed of 3 injection sites with 4 units each site. Before this FDA approval, this was the proven method I used in my daily practice. Anything less than 4 units per injection site wears off sooner than it could. Not to mention that injections in the crow’s feet tend to wear off sooner than other areas anyway. I believe this is because the rest of our eye muscles (orbicularis oculi) are still fully moving and tend to work off the surrounding Botox faster than areas whose muscles are fully relaxed. So, don’t skimp around the eyes! The results are worth it! But, there are many client’s whose eyes have yet to force movement in all 3 injection sites and therefore less units can be optional. Our practices average doses around the eyes are 12-24 units total.

Forehead Lines

Horizontal lines across the forehead are very unique to each person. There are short, long, and wide foreheads that require different treatments. The average Botox doses in our office range from 8-20 units. This area requires a quick face to face consultation to see what movement your forehead presents! We do not overdo Botox and always lean towards less units but best results. Schedule a quick consult today!

~Ali McCoy, LME, RN, BSN

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