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Permanent Eye Makeup Denver, CO

Waking up with Make-up

We are told we shouldn’t go to sleep without taking off the makeup we applied that morning. Wearing makeup can clog your pores and damage your eyelashes if you’re not careful with your makeup hygiene. What we often hear from clients is something along the lines of “makeup! What makeup?” By the time bedtime rolls […]

Spots, Be Gone!

As we age, it is only natural that we may begin to notice the appearance of brown spots on our hands, arms, face, and chest. Through the ages, this type of hyperpigmentation has been referred to as liver spots, age spots, and more. In truth, this boils down to good old sunshine. Maybe you haven’t […]

How IPL can Support Youthful Skin

Facial aging has been a concern expressed by men and women pretty much since the dawn of time. Humans have discussed the proverbial Fountain of Youth for hundreds of years, and have gone to great lengths to make sure that fountain remained well-stocked with innovative techniques to reduce the signs of age. Today, the various […]

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