What You Need to Know About Kybella

KYBELLA® Denver & Aurora, COHistorically, submental fullness, commonly known as a double-chin, could only be minimized with surgery. Neck liposuction may have a proven track record of success in refining the shape of the jawline, but most people would still like to avoid surgery if they can. Since the FDA approved Kybella as an injectable double-chin treatment, thousands of men and women have gotten their wish for improved facial appearance without surgery.

Kybella offers a number of advantages over surgery. The question we need to answer when consulting with a patient is whether or not Kybella is right for them. Here, we discuss some of the notable points about this treatment:

  1. Treatment is quick. If you’ve ever had injectable treatment, you know it only takes a few minutes. The Kybella process is a bit more involved because we must mark injection sites on the upper neck before administering the fat-melting solution. Then, multiple injections are given. Even with these details, the entire process may take less than an hour.
  2. Treatment causes swelling. This is in part due to the numerous injection sites and in part related to the insertion of deoxycholic acid into fatty tissue. A fair amount of liquid is administered during Kybella treatment. Until it gets absorbed by fat cells, it resides in between them. This is likely to create a full, “slushy” sensation. The sense of fullness will subside over several days as the acid breaks down fat.
  3. We prioritize comfort, but patients may still feel slight pinpricks. Before Kybella treatment, we may apply ice to the neck or a topical numbing cream. Each of these strategies can successfully and significantly reduce discomfort from injections. After injections, mild soreness may linger throughout the day.
  4. Results take time. Unlike neck liposuction, after which there may be bruising and swelling but some degree of noticeable results, Kybella works more slowly. This is because treatment works with the body’s natural functions to break down and eliminate fat cells.
  5. People with loose skin may not be good candidates for Kybella. The work of deoxycholic acid is to dismantle fat cells so the body can metabolize them. There is no skin-tightening effect to complement fat reduction.

We perform a careful assessment of skin and superficial tissue during consultations in our Aurora, CO facility. To learn more about Kybella or schedule your consultation for double-chin treatment, call (720) 280-7016.

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Ali McCoy
Ali McCoy

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