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Kybella® Denver & Aurora, COFat has a way of becoming a big problem relatively quickly. Usually, we notice unwanted fatty deposits on the thighs, hips, or tummy. Excess fat under the chin is a less common problem but one that can be ultra-frustrating. When fat accumulates under the chin, the entire frame of the face changes. The entire face can change. What can make this problem, called submental fullness or a double-chin, so troubling is that fat here doesn’t typically respond to diet and exercise the same way other fat does. Here, we discuss what to do about submental fullness to improve your profile.

Options for Eliminating a Double-Chin

Historically, fat reduction could be achieved only with rigorous lifestyle habits or with liposuction. Liposuction is an option for removing double-chin fat but not one that most people like. Furthermore, most people don’t need to go to the extent of having surgery to improve their appearance. In our Aurora office, clients may choose between Kybella and CoolSculpting to refine their chin.

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that became available a few years ago. Since that time, we haven’t looked back. Millions of Kybella treatments have been performed since the deoxycholic acid drug emerged in the States (it was available in other countries years ago). One of the benefits of Kybella is that this treatment was developed specifically for the double-chin. It works by dismantling fat cells using an organic acid that the body makes to dissolve dietary fat. Deoxycholic acid takes a few days to get absorbed. Then, it takes a few weeks for the body to begin eliminating affected fat. Overall, it can take about 12 weeks and 3 to 4 sessions to see dramatic results.

CoolSculpting has been a popular fat-reducing treatment for the past several years. Initially, the device was capable of destroying fat on the abdomen using freezing temperatures. Over time, new applicators were made to address unwanted fat on the thighs, back, and arms. Now we’ve got an applicator developed specifically for the chin. CoolSculpting also works with the body’s natural fat-elimination processes. When cooled to a precise temperature, fat cells form crystals. This crystallization tricks the body into thinking the fat cells are damaged. In response, the body eliminates these cells for good.

Get the Profile You Want

Both Kybella and CoolSculpting have proven track records of success. The choice in treatment primarily comes down to preference. To get the profile you want, schedule a consultation in our Aurora Med Spa.

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Ali McCoy
Ali McCoy

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My name is Ali and I am the founder, owner, and Master Nurse Injector at Always Beautiful® Medspa. I have been in medicine since 2002, although my passion for facial aesthetics began much earlier. Growing up with acne and self-esteem issues, it became my mission to help others feel comfortable in their skin. Bringing beauty and medicine together became the ultimate pairing to educate the patient, staff, and injector for a safe experience and natural results.

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