Kybella: a Solution for that Double Chin

KYBELLA® Denver & Aurora, COThe fat that accumulates at the front of the neck can be a major problem. It’s right up there with cellulite in regards to the frustration it causes. Millions of people live with stubborn, annoying fat that adds the appearance of weight to the face. Many have searched for ways to decrease the prominence of this area that frames the face. It is unfortunate that articles suggesting weight loss as a solution to double-chin fat even exist. If you’re still in search of your double-chin solution, it’s critical that you know that Kybella is still working its magic.

Historically, submental fullness has been treated with neck liposuction and, in some cases, a neck lift. The FDA-approval of Kybella has been advantageous for all of the people who want to look better but don’t want the downtime and risks that go along with surgery. Kybella provides the non-surgical solution that has been needed, bringing a whole list of benefits to the table. If you’re interested in enhancing your appearance without surgery, here’s what you should know about Kybella.

No Downtime Doesn’t Mean No Side Effects

One of the primary reasons why so many people turn to Kybella is that they prefer to obtain treatment that doesn’t require them to take time off work for recovery. It’s true that you could get Kybella treatment right after work one day and go back to work the next. However, you should know that you will experience some swelling after treatment.

Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a liquid substance that is deposited into the tissue under the chin and across the upper neck. This liquid gets absorbed by fat cells, causing them to swell – a lot. For a few days, you may be able to feel the swelling caused by the injections given. This isn’t uncomfortable so much as it is noticeable as something different. The appearance of the chin may also look worse as a result of the temporary swelling. Expecting this common side effect, you can plan your treatment appointment accordingly so you can stay in for a day or two if you prefer.

Non-Surgical Treatment Isn’t Right for Everyone

We are proud to offer Kybella as a way for men and women to feel better about their appearance. However, there may be cases for which Kybella isn’t the best solution. As convenient as it is to trick fat into self-destruction mode with a few rounds of injectable deoxycholic acid, it is vital that we also observe how the skin may respond to treatment. In adults whose skin and superficial muscle has become loose and saggy, the reduction of fat cells could worsen these characteristics. Furthermore, we cannot look at Kybella as a treatment that will accentuate the prominence of the chin when bone structure is weak.

The objective of Kybella is to permanently reduce obvious submental fullness and improve the angles of the jawline. To see how treatment can help you love the way you look, call Always Beautiful in Aurora, CO.

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Ali McCoy
Ali McCoy

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