How long should permanent makeup last?

It’s called “permanent” but is it really? The short answer is no. Just like a body tattoo, if you want the color to remain vibrant, it needs to be touched up regularly. The biggest difference in body tattoos and permanent makeup is the pigment itself. Tattoo inks are made to be bright and vivid in color. Permanent makeup is made to mimic actual makeup colors which are typically softer, especially for eyebrows. But, obviously, all pigment brands and ingredients are not created equal.

Permanent eyebrows specifically will require regular touchups every 2-3 years when done my Ali McCoy, RN. This doesn’t mean that your permanent eyebrows are gone in 2-3 years, is just means that the color is not going to be the same and needs to be refreshed. Depending on the type of ink used depends on what the color “turns” or fades to as time goes by. Carbon based inks tend to turn blue, iron oxide based inks tend to turn orange/pink, and titanium inks tend to turn gray.

At Always Beautiful Medspa, we use titanium preserved pigments for the most natural result as they settle over time. So, worse-case scenario, your brows may appear more “ash” or “cool” in tone after 2-3 years while the touchup is to simply add more “warmth” to the color, refreshing it back to where you want it to be. I like to use the example of hair color. Trying to get the red or warms tones to stay in our hair means frequent reapplications, and this is the way the skin responds to pigment as well.

Protecting your permanent makeup color with daily sunscreen can lengthen the amount of “true to color” appearance your pigment will preserve over time. Because we tend to choose darker colors for eyeliner, permanent eyeliner can last up to 10 years! However, I think touching up eyeliner within 5-7 years is typical as the color is lighter than desired around that time and we find ourselves reapplying. Don’t get me wrong, t’s still there, just lighter. Lastly, permanent lip color can really vary between 2-5 years depending on the individual. For more information, schedule a consultation with Ali today! Schedule online or call (720) 280-7016.

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