Denver Eyelid Surgeon Shares How to Fix Hooded Eyes

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Denver Eyelid Surgeon Shares How to Fix Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes can come from genetics, or they can result from aging skin. Either way, drooping lids are completely natural. However, many people don’t like the appearance of their eyebrows overlapping with the skin of the upper eyelids. And some find that it makes it more difficult to see.

For a long time, individuals struggling with drooping eyelids were primarily facing the decision about whether or not they wanted to undergo surgery. There weren’t always many options besides going under the knife and leaving plenty of time for recovery and healing.

While surgery is still a viable option many patients choose, technology has come a long way. Now, you can take your time finding a solution that fits both your lifestyle preferences and budget.

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Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments to Reverse Eyelid Hooding

Addressing hooded eyes leaves individuals with a more awake, refreshed look. Fortunately, there are lots of options available depending on your comfort level and overall goals. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which treatment is best.

At Always Beautiful Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetics, we offer Upneeq prescription eye drops for hooded eyes. Let’s compare Upneeq to surgical and non-surgical options that create a more open-eye appearance.

Upneeq Eye Drops Vs. Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

While blepharoplasty is an invasive cosmetic surgery, improvement to droopy eyelids is dramatic, and results typically last six to seven years. Blepharoplasty is the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the nation (trailing close behind the first-place winner: rhinoplasty, aka, a nose job.)

During eyelid surgery, the surgeon cuts along the upper eyelid’s natural crease and removes excess skin, muscle, or fat. These incisions are visible for about a year after the surgery when the scars are red or pink. After a year, the scarring fades to a less noticeable skin color and can only be seen when the eyelids are shut.

If you’re not ready or prefer other solutions, there are several non-surgical alternatives to blepharoplasty, including Upneeq. The prescription eye drop is ideal for moderate, temporary improvement. It does not bring the side effects that eyelid surgery can, which include scarring, swelling, and bruising.

How to Fix Hooded Eyes Without Surgery

Prescription Eye Drops for Hooded Eyes

Upneeq is possibly the most convenient solution of all time for eyelid hooding. It’s true, these prescription eye drops can temporarily improve droopy eyelids (ptosis). Taken in a single daily dose, Upneeq delivers noticeably lifted results, even after just one use.

While the results aren’t as dramatic as they would be if you go under the knife, Upneeq is a preferential substitute for eyelid surgery. Just remember that it requires a prescription from a medical provider, and is a treatment you maintain to continue seeing results.

Laser for Droopy Eyelids

If you’re curious whether laser treatments can address areas around the eyes, you’re in luck. Laser skin resurfacing minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with tighter and brighter skin.

Laser treatments work to stimulate collagen production. It heats the layers of the eyelid skin to do so. This brings a more even appearance while also ablating loose skin. You can expect some mild but temporary bruising or crusting, along with redness that will disappear after a few weeks.

An experienced healthcare provider can inspect your features to determine whether a laser is an option for your hooded eyes or if you require an alternative treatment to reach your goals.

Droopy Eyelid Botox vs Upneeq Eye Drops

Depending on your goals and the level of concern with wrinkles or drooping skin around the eyes, you could benefit from Botox or Upneeq.

While Upneeq requires regular drops to help the eyes appear wider and more youthful, Botox is a solution to temporarily paralyze the upper eyelid muscle causing eyelid droopiness. This helps to relax the muscles that are pulling your lids down, letting the brows lift back up naturally.

Botox for hooded eyes is minimally invasive, with little-to-no downtime, and each treatment lasts around three to four months. Some patients prefer to combine the treatments. They use Botox for a few months and add Upneeq to offset when the Botox effects wear off.

Dermal Fillers for Droopy Eyelids

In some instances, losing volume around the temples and brow is the reason for eyelid hooding. Fillers add extra volume to deeper creases around the eyes, plumping them back up for a lifted look.

The tear trough area, from the inner corner of the eye along the side of the nose down to the cheek) is one of the most common places to treat with dermal fillers. It’s common for patients who have had a brow lift in the past to use hyaluronic acid fillers to maintain their results as the years go by.

Eyebrow Thread Lift

Eyebrow thread lifts use dissolvable threads (via a needle, so no incisions are necessary) to anchor and lift specific locations. Excess threads are cut during the procedure, leaving you with an instantly elevated appearance and extra support for your eyelid.

While this is not a surgical procedure, eyebrow thread lifts require local anesthetic and leave some bruising and swelling during recovery. It is still a quick, efficient option; most patients see results lasting up to three years.

Fix Hooded Eyes in Denver

No matter how you choose to address your drooping eyelids, whether through surgery or a non-invasive alternative, you deserve quality treatment. It’s crucial to find a provider that you trust and a team with both experience and your best interests in mind.

If you are in the Denver area and are ready to make a change, the team at Always Beautiful is here for you. We are happy to sit with you during a free consultation to understand your concerns and goals so that we can create a custom treatment plan together that reaches your goals safely and effectively.

Give us a call at (720) 280-7016 any time to learn more about how to fix hooded eyes.




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