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Upneeq Eye Drops: Real Patient Results

Whether they impact your vision or make you feel self-conscious, low-lying eyelids present a challenge for many people.

In the past, invasive surgery like Blepharoplasty would have been one of the few options for treating drooping eyelids. Upneeq is a non-surgical alternative to Blepharoplasty that is less expensive, non-invasive, and doesn’t leave scars.

Although the Upneeq eye drop provides a temporary solution, no downtime is required, and you can stop using them anytime. If you have low-lying lids and want younger-looking eyes without surgical intervention, this transformation may be right for you.

Droopy Eyelid Causes

an eye of an old womanMany patients seeking a change to their upper eyelids are suffering from acquired ptosis, a medical term for droopy eyelids. However, there are several reasons ptosis can occur, including:

  • Genetics (congenital ptosis)
  • Aging (acquired ptosis)
  • Surgery (like LASIK)
  • Eye injuries
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Migrating Botox

No matter what challenge you face, if your low-lying lids are bothersome, Upneeq is a popular solution that avoids eyelid surgery. When finding the right treatment, some of the more useful ways to choose are through reviews and before and afters from actual patients.

Read on to see real patient results and learn more about this cosmetic prescription eye drop. Discover if Upneeq drops are suitable for you and why many people choose them to rejuvenate a more youthful look and brighter eyes.

Upneeq Before and After Images*

With a subtle lifting effect, Upneeq for droopy eyelids helps your eyes open wider using only one droplet per eye daily. The results are temporary, so the treatment is entirely customizable to you. *As with all cosmetic treatments, individual results will vary.

The people in the pictures below are real patients showing genuine Upneeq results. It also displays the different stages of eyelid drooping that people experience.upneeq before and after

How Upneeq Eye Drops Work

After seeing the incredible results from Upneeq before and after photos, many people want to know how the eye drops work and why they should choose Upneeq. The active ingredient in Upneeq eye drops consists of 0.1% oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution.

Oxymetazoline is found in other medications, such as nasal decongestant sprays. With Upneeq, oxymetazoline will cause the upper eyelid muscle to contract or tighten up, leading to less droopiness.

image of an eyeglass with an eye drop

Why Choose Upneeq?

Some patients choose this treatment mostly for aesthetic purposes because it delivers a fantastic confidence boost. Others have been searching for a solution because their ptosis is so severe that it’s challenging to see properly. No matter your reasoning, Upneeq can and does help without requiring surgery.

How Long Does Upneeq Last?

Visible improvements from Upneeq can typically be seen within 15 minutes of application. Upneeq results are also temporary and can last for up to 8 hours.

Even though the results are not permanent, you can continue to use Upneeq indefinitely. If you have droopy eyelids and want younger-looking eyes without surgical intervention, a Upneeq before and after transformation may be right for you.

an image of an old woman wearing eyeglass with a red hat

How Much Does Upneeq Cost?

This prescription medication costs about $250 for a 45-day supply (on average), although there are many factors that go into the cost of Upneeq. Per day, it’s about $4 to buy Upneeq. 

Upneeq is not covered by insurance, but no downtime is required, no scarring occurs, and the drops are much more affordable than surgery to address droopy eyelids.

Upneeq Reviews

When deciding on a treatment, one of the most valuable sources is hearing from others with similar experiences. Learning what to expect from those who have already tried a treatment, especially from a provider you’re considering, can help give you realistic expectations. Plus, you’ll know you’re choosing a provider with your best interest in mind.

At Always Beautiful Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetics, we ask our patients to share their experiences in testimonials that others can benefit from.

If you’re unsure about prescription eye drops, there are some Upneeq alternatives, including Ultherapy and Botox. If you are sure about Upneeq, find a provider that has your best interest in mind.

Transformational Upneeq Before and After Pics

Get Transformational Upneeq Before and After Pics of Your Own in the Denver Area

Always Beautiful Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics is a leading Upneeq provider located conveniently in Aurora, CO while serving the greater Denver area. We pride ourselves in offering only the best services that help you look and feel your very best.

a hand with an eye dropper

Schedule Your Upneeq Consultation

Our experts are dedicated to providing thorough client education. You will receive assistance in determining if Upneeq prescription eye drops in the Denver area are right for you. Any of your questions will be answered, and your concerns addressed. Our team is here to ensure that you feel confident in your decision.

Book a FREE Upneeq consultation at our Aurora medical spa by calling (720) 280-7016 or filling out the online form.



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