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Do you have dark circles under your eyes and no matter how much sleep you get they don’t get any better? I get asked almost every day how to get rid of dark circles. What eye cream works best, is there a laser treatment that can get rid of them, or will chemical peels work? You would be surprised at the type of questions I get regarding dark under eye circles. Everyone has dark circles under their eyes but to different degrees.

They can vary from a light shadow to a very dark almost bruise-like appearance. Since everyone has them, most skincare product lines have an eye cream claiming to reduce or even get rid of under eye circles. They know it’s a common complaint and it’s a money maker when almost everyone will try one of these types of products at some point, hoping for some improvement. There are literally hundreds of different product lines with an eye cream for dark circles, so there has to be at LEAST one that will work right?

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Well, let me explain what dark circles really are and you can be the judge. Even though you are tired and don’t seem to get enough sleep, dark circles are not caused by a lack of sleep. Dark circles are the result of blood that pools in the vessels that lie close to the skin’s surface. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of any cream that can prevent or treat that. Most dark under eye circles are genetic and has to do with how thin the skin under the eyes are.

The thinner the skin the darker the circles appear. I can’t think of one cream on the market that can change your genetics or what you inherit from you parents, can you? Here in Colorado a lot of people struggle with environmental allergies. Allergies can cause the veins under the eyes to become congested and dilated making dark circles appear worse. Not to mention it is very dry here and dehydration thins the skin making them appear worse as well.

It’s frustrating and it seems like an ongoing battle. We now know that dark circles aren’t caused by lack of sleep. However, lack of sleep can make them appear worse and nobody wants to look worn out and tired.

Skin pigment can also make dark circles appear darker. If the pigment is caused by hormonal changes or sun damage then there are topical creams that can help. The cream will treat the skin pigment, which will help the dark circles appear lighter. But the cream cannot treat the actual vasculature under the eye so the underlying issue still remains.

So, what can we do about our pesky dark circles? First and foremost, investing in a good under eye concealer is my number one recommendation. Instant results and guaranteed to improve the appearance of those dark circles. I recommend wearing sunscreen around the eyes to protect that delicate eye area from sun damage. Sunscreen can burn if it gets in the eyes, so look for one that has only physical sunscreen ingredients and not chemical. Some concealers may contain sunscreen in them as well.

Vitamin K taken internally and used topically in high concentrations can help, because it can strengthen and clot blood vessels to stop the pooling that causes the darkness. But remember, it is always best that you talk to your physician before taking any new supplements to make sure it is safe and does not conflict with any medications you may already be taking.

Hydroquinone can be prescribed to be applied topically if you have hyperpigmentation in the eye area. This is the lightening cream I mentioned above that will help treat skin pigmentation, but not the vessels under the eye, so a skin consultation by a licensed professional such as myself is recommended to determine if this will help the appearance of your eye area.

Another option that can help the appearance of dark circles is injecting the area with a hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvederm. It can camouflage the darkness by plumping up the area creating less shadowing. This area should only be injected by a skilled injector so make sure you are seeing someone who specializes in injecting under the eyes.

Lastly, the easiest and most recommended treatment of dark under eye circles is to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and eat healthy fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants. A healthy inside results in a healthy looking outside. Even though lack of these things do not cause dark circles, they can make them worse so prevention plays a key role in your success towards minimizing their appearance.

Now back to the question: Is there a cream that can help your under eye circles? Personally, I haven’t come across one yet that really works the way it claims to, but I do know this…If you take care of your skin, especially around the delicate eye area, it can improve the appearance overall around the eyes. Staying hydrated, applying a good eye cream that softens wrinkles and hydrates the skin, and using a very soft, gentle touch around the eye area can all be beneficial in improving the appearance around the eyes.

If you would like to discuss what may work best for your under eye concerns, please schedule an appointment!

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