Does CoolSculpting Really Work? CoolSculpting Before & After with Reviews

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CoolSculpting Elite Before and After with Patient Testimonials

Simply freezing away your fat during a 35-minute treatment may sound too good to be true. For decades, liposuction provided the only solution for reducing fat that resists diet and exercise.

Then CoolSculpting hit the market, and with it came claims that the non-invasive treatment provided long-term fat reduction without surgery or downtime. After that came the questions. Does CoolSculpting work? Is CoolSculpting right for me?

One of the best ways to figure out if fat-freezing is the route you want to go is by hearing the experiences that others before you went through. That’s why, at Always Beautiful Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetics, we prioritize asking our patients to share their thoughts after CoolSculpting. And what we hear shows exactly why this treatment is so popular.

Why You Should Choose CoolSculpting Elite Over CoolSculpting

After the legacy version of CoolSculpting had its moment, CoolSculpting Elite took charge. CoolSculpting Elite reduces twice the fat in half the time that its predecessor takes. Each CoolSculpting Elite patient achieves noticeable, dramatic fat reduction thanks to two C-shaped applicators that hug curves effectively.

The redesigned fat-freezing machines now come with seven new dual applicators. Each applicator differs in shape and size. This new technology distinguishes CoolSculpting Elite as the only FDA-cleared treatment to reduce fat non-invasively in nine different treatment areas, including:

CoolSculpting Elite Reviews: Real Patient Testimonials

Finding the best provider to conduct your fat-freezing treatment is essential to enjoying your experience and loving your results. These reviews are from some of our recent CoolSculpting treatments in the Denver area.

“My first appointment and I was very satisfied Veronica & Jodi in the cool sculpting clinic are amazing they are fun, friendly, and caring. Definitely recommend!” – Brenda Enriquez

“Veronica & Jodi in the cool sculpting clinic are absolutely amazing to work with! My experience was definitely five star because of their professionalism & care! They made it fun! Thank you!” – Katherine Held

“The girls are so sweet and Always Beautiful Medspa & CoolClinic is amazing!!! He made it so quick and painless! I’m so happy with my results.” – Connie Norton

“Veronica is most knowledgeable in Cool Sculpting and will give you an honest review and most amazing body makeover!!! The spa stands true to its name: Always Beautiful!!!! Ask for Veronica!!!” – AJ Kikumoto

“Not only does the staff do a fantastic job at making you look like a better version of yourself, but they are also great people! I have had multiple services, and everyone is top-notch. Very knowledgeable and no cutting corners, while still be competitively priced. Love, love, love!!!” – Hayley Sutterby

CoolSculpting Elite Before and After

CoolSculpting before and after results demonstrate the effectiveness of fat freezing in the reduction of fat cells.* They also indicate why millions of men and women select body contour treatments for a sleek, firm physique.


Always Beautiful, CoolSculpting, Denver

Coolsculpting Elite Before and After on Female Flank Always Beautiful Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting Elite Before and After on Female Banana Roll Always Beautiful Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting Elite Before and After on Bra Fat Always Beautiful Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting Elite Chin Before and After Always Beautiful Coolsculpting

Two important factors play into your fat-freezing results: Procedure candidacy and the expertise of the practitioner.

What Makes a Good CoolSculpting Candidate?

CoolSculpting Elite is not for everyone. You would need to be an ideal CoolSculpting candidate to know whether you can expect similar results. That means you are a healthy, active adult struggling with diet and exercise-resistant fat cells.

a woman pressing her abdomen

One important note is that CoolSculpting does not address obesity, weight loss, or extra skin. Rather, it’s designed to contour a firm physique. You should have at least three inches of pinchable fat – enough excess fat to hold onto but still within about 10 pounds of your goal weight.

The most efficient way to determine whether the treatment is right for you is to schedule a complimentary consultation with a skilled provider. That allows you to ask all of your body contouring questions, address any concerns, and understand how many treatments you would need to reach your goals. Some patients schedule multiple sessions to see optimal results.

Finding the Best CoolSculpting Provider

Like all body contouring treatments, using fat-freezing technology is technique-sensitive. CoolSculpting requires skilled technicians and FDA-cleared equipment. The person performing the treatment affects the patient’s experience and results. When selecting a provider, make sure the facility you choose is reputable. This is a time to put yourself first and ensure you are comfortable and confident moving forward with treatment.

Inquire about the expertise of the provider and the equipment. It’s essential that the med spa or clinic put the comfort and safety of the patient first. Choose the provider and clinic that suits your needs best for a pleasant experience and visible results.

CoolSculpting Elite in Denver, Co

After reading CoolSculpting reviews from actual patients and seeing stellar results in before and after pictures, it is easy to understand why it’s such a popular option and why Always Beautiful is the premier provider of CoolSculpting in the Denver area. With our team, knowledgeable, caring technicians prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of each patient.

If you want to be one of the happy patients raving about body contouring results in your own CoolSculpting review, take the first step by scheduling a consultation with our Aurora clinic.

*Keep in mind that results vary depending on the number of sessions, treatment intensity, and how your body responds to freezing fat cells.




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