CoolSculpting Stomach | Eliminate Belly Fat Without Surgery

CoolSculpting Stomach | Eliminate Belly Fat Without Surgery

Belly fat, also known as the dreaded stomach pouch, is a common problem. Fat naturally accumulates in the lower stomach area in millions of people. Since the idea you can “spot reduce” fat in the midsection is a myth, reducing belly fat is a challenge. The truth is that lower fat in the abdomen has many causes ranging from gender, age, hormones, genetics, and even some medical conditions that contribute to this fat buildup. In addition, due to the fat’s biology, it tends to resist diet and exercise efforts. Fortunately, there is a non-invasive way to eliminate fat without pain or surgery.

CoolSculpting stomach treatments allow people to shed belly fat and contour a sexy waistline without any drawbacks. Learn more here.

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Belly Fat Solutions

Following a healthy diet and exercise regimen is fundamental for weight control. However, a healthier lifestyle is not always enough to avoid weight gain or eliminate stubborn abdominal fat. As a result, many people seek professional help to reduce fat.

Liposuction is one of the most popular surgical ways to reduce fat. However, while it effectively reduces belly fat, it also has drawbacks such as painful needles, general anesthesia, and a long recovery process. Thankfully, for people who want to shed belly fat without surgery, there is now a non-invasive option.

CoolSculpting Stomach | How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Non-Invasively

CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive treatment for eliminating belly fat using Cryolipolysis. It is FDA cleared as safe and effective for patients. Treatments eliminate stubborn fat buildup in the lower abdomen with ease. During a cooling session, a calibrated cooling is emitted through an applicator on the target treatment area. The cooling targets and freezes subcutaneous fat cells below the skin’s surface. Once the fat cells are frozen, they die and process out of the body as a form of waste. CoolSculpting provides long-term fat reduction because once the dead cells are gone, they can never return to the body.

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Am I a Good CoolSculpting Stomach Candidate?

CoolSculpting is not for everyone. The best CoolSculpting stomach candidates are healthy, active adults who follow a clean diet and exercise regularly. However, they still struggle with resistant fat cells. The best way to determine if CoolSculpting is right for you is by scheduling a complimentary consultation with a reputable provider like Always Beautiful Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics. During your visit, an expert treatment technician evaluates your body while listening to your body goals. If they determine CoolSculpting is suitable for your body and needs, they create a treatment plan to achieve an optimal fat reduction in the stomach.

CoolSculpting Stomach Near Me

If you live in the Denver or Aurora, Colorado areas and want to experience the best non-invasive way to contour a slim, sexy waist, contact Always Beautiful Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics. We are a leading provider of successful CoolSculpting treatments. Call us at 720-280-7016 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about eliminating belly fat with CoolSculpting.



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