No Results After CoolSculpting? Here’s Why

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Are you frustrated because your CoolSculpting results weren’t exactly what you hoped for? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. This fat reduction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Despite our best efforts, our bodies don’t always respond as we want them to. However, that doesn’t mean you must give up on your fat reduction goals.

CoolSculpting is still one of the best treatment options for long-lasting fat loss without invasive surgery, scarring, or recovery time. Using FDA-cleared technology, this fat reduction procedure permanently reduces the number of fat cells in an area of the body. While fat freezing can be effective for many people, it is not a magic fix for fat loss for everyone. Individual results can vary due to factors like body type, lifestyle habits, and whether you follow post-treatment protocol.

How Long Does It Take For CoolSculpting to Work?

Coolsculpting provides long-term, noticeable results as soon as one month after your first treatment. However, it takes 12 to 16 weeks for your body’s lymphatic system to process and eliminate the frozen fat cells. Therefore, results can take time to see fully.

Why Your CoolSculpting Didn’t Work

If you are wondering why CoolSculpting did not work for you, you are probably looking for reasons why. Let’s explore the different factors that can impact your fat-freezing results, for better or worse, and how you can enhance your results next time.

You Are Not an Ideal Candidate

One reason patients don’t see visible results is that the provider may have offered treatment to those who are not actually candidates for CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is not a guaranteed solution for weight loss or body sculpting. Results can vary from person to person due to body composition. A patient’s body type plays a huge role in determining whether the treatment will be effective. Many compare CoolTone and CoolSculpting to decide which is best for them.

For example, individuals who are significantly overweight may not see the drastic changes they were hoping for. This can be disappointing for those who have invested money in the procedure. This fat-freezing treatment is great for individuals who are already close to their ideal body weight.

How CoolSculpting Technology Works With Your Body Composition

Individuals with excess fat may not be suitable candidates for the procedure. This is due to how the fat freezing (cryolipolysis) technology works. The treatment uses applicators of various sizes to target different body areas for skin tightening and fat reduction. The applicators suction the areas of fat. If there is too much fat, the applicator cannot suction the area effectively and will deliver poor results. The bottom line is that individuals with too much fat may not experience the transformation they were expecting.

Additionally, individuals with insufficient pinchable fat may not be a candidate for body sculpting. This is because the applicators can only suction the skin and not any fat. That being said, the cryolipolysis treatment will not be worthwhile.

Anyone considering CoolSculpting should consult with a medical professional who can effectively assess body composition and fat distribution. From there, they can determine if an individual truly is a suitable candidate for the procedure. The ideal CoolSculpting candidate is already at a healthy goal weight or close to it. They will have a few inches of pinchable fat, including some stubborn pockets of fat that are difficult to lose.

You Need Additional Treatment Sessions

A common CoolSculpting misconception is that you only need one treatment session to see results. While some individuals may experience results after a single session, this isn’t always true. Most individuals need multiple fat-freezing treatments to see results. This is because the procedure targets and eliminates fat cells in specific body areas. Each treatment session can only treat a certain amount of fat cells. Therefore, multiple sessions are necessary to address all problem areas fully.

Additionally, the body naturally eliminates the treated fat cells, so results are not immediate and improve over time with each treatment. In order to achieve the desired results, it is important to follow a treatment plan provided by your CoolSculpting provider.

On average, we recommend two to four treatment sessions that are 6-12 weeks apart to maximize your body sculpting transformation. This will give your body time to eliminate your frozen fat cells. However, each patient’s treatment plan will depend on multiple factors such as the amount of excess fat you have and the areas in which the fat is located. Patients can achieve an average of 20% fat reduction with CoolSculpting and 25% with CoolSculpting Elite.*

You Gained Weight Following Your Treatments

A CoolSculpting treatment helps remove fat cells by freezing them. However, investing in this solution without making lifestyle changes may not provide long-term benefits. Specifically, if you do not follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly after your treatments, your remaining fat cells can expand, and you may be unhappy with your results. CoolSculpting does not prevent you from gaining weight or fat.

What to Avoid After CoolSculpting

Overeating or consuming high-calorie foods can lead to weight gain overall, offsetting the results of your body sculpting treatments. Keep in mind the fat that has been frozen and eliminated from your body is gone for good and will not return. However, your remaining fat cells in and around your treated area can still expand due to overeating.

Additionally, eating sugary foods such as candy, soda, sweets, and processed foods can create unhealthy eating habits and get in the way of maintaining a slimmer figure. If this occurs, it can taint the slim, sculpted results you achieved. Therefore, staying disciplined and maintaining a healthy weight is important so you can enjoy long-lasting results. Unhealthy eating habits will undo the effects of your CoolSculpting treatments.

You Did Not Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, CoolSculpting is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. In order to maintain the results of your treatments, it is vital that you continue to eat well and exercise regularly. Without these lifestyle changes, the effects of fat freezing may be short-lived.
Specifically, a lack of regular exercise can contribute to the expansion of your remaining fat cells.

Without regular physical activity, your body may not burn enough calories, which will cause your body to start accumulating fat again. While it cannot spot-reduce unwanted fat, exercise can accelerate your CoolSculpting results. Engaging in regular physical activity, like walking, jogging, or bicycling, boosts blood circulation, which enhances faster fat elimination from the treated area. Therefore, you should exercise regularly to maximize your results and maintain your toned physique.

You Did Not Practice Lymphatic Drainage

After CoolSculpting, your fat cells are frozen, causing them to break down. Your body naturally processes the fat cells out as waste materials. After treatment, your tech should gently massage your treated areas. This massage is a form of lymphatic drainage that helps kickstart your recovery process and quickly remove dead fat cells from your body. Specifically, it stimulates the flow of lymph fluid, which carries away excess fluid in your body.

Following your cryolipolysis treatment, it is highly beneficial to practice lymphatic massage on your treatment areas for a few minutes each day. It helps to avoid discomfort and puffiness in your treated areas and can improve your fat reduction results.

Based on a Lasers in Surgery and Medicine clinical study, daily massage to the treated area following a cryolipolysis-based treatment may increase fat reduction. Patients manually massaged one side of a treated area for two minutes a day but not the other. The study measured the fat loss on both sides of a treated area using ultrasound technology. Their results showed that the massaged side achieved a 68% greater fat layer reduction than the non-massaged side after two months.

Experience Real CoolSculpting Results in Denver, Colorado

CoolSculpting is a clinically proven solution for long-lasting fat reduction, slimming, and sculpting your physique. With this fat-freezing technology, you can achieve your dream body. If your previous experience was unsuccessful, the team at Always Beautiful is here to provide you with a treatment plan you can trust.

Denver area residents who have had poor body sculpting results, look to our state-of-the-art facility to help them achieve beautiful transformations with CoolSculpting in Colorado. Give us a call at 720-280-7016 to learn more about how our body sculpting experts can help determine their candidacy and create a unique treatment plan for their body type and goals. We look forward to supporting them on their body transformation journey.


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