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Botox Denver, CODo people ask you why you’re upset, or if you’re ok often? Do you get told, “smile!”? Even one such directive can feel maddening, and could be an indication that you have what has been referred to as “resting bitch face.” The term itself sends a derogatory message that we like to avoid but does present an accurate description of the perception certain facial characteristics can cause. Here, we want to dive into what it means to have RBF, how it can impact your quality of life, and what you can do to revive the friendly vibe of your face.

What Makes a Resting Face “Bitchy?”

You may be able to spot RBF right away; the downturned mouth corners, frown, and heavy or squinted eyes that send a message of anger or sadness. These characteristics often occur over time as the aging process and sun damage depletes collagen structure beneath the skin’s surface. With age, the bony anatomy of the face also changes, causing some features to turn slightly inward. What turns inward beneath the surface turns downward on it, hence the angry-looking mouth. Young people are not excluded from RBF, either. In this instance, the primary characteristic noticed is a downturned mouth that is literally pulled by the depressor anguli oris muscle at the chin.

Why RBF is a Problem

People with resting bitch face, usually women, live with frustrating questions, looks, and concern about how they come off to others. This is not a matter of being a people-pleaser or even well-liked; it’s a matter of your outward appearance matching your internal emotional state.

In one study published in 2015, scientists from Noldus Information Technology, which develops software for observational and behavioral research, used face-reading technology to analyze perceived emotion behind certain facial characteristics. Software is far more objective than the human eye, and their FaceReader software noted that people with downturned mouths, heavy eyes, and other RBF characteristics showed signs of underlying contempt.

Face-reading software takes analysis with a grain of salt. When interacting on a human level, people with angry or sad-looking faces may not fair very well. Human research suggests that RBF makes a person seem unapproachable, which carries its own potentially serious implications. Furthermore, other studies suggest that characteristics such as a frown or downturned mouth actually affects brain chemistry, potentially leading the mood into a negative state rather than vice versa.

Align your Emotional State with Your Face

If you feel happy and content on the inside, you want your face to reflect this. If it does not, we can help. A visit to Always Beautiful can quickly turn your frown upside down. A little Botox and dermal fillers in the right places can correct the cosmetic problems that diminish the friendliness of the face.

Are you ready to bring a friendlier you into the New Year? Call our Aurora office at (720) 280-7016 to schedule your face-refreshing treatment.

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