Crows Feet Remedies

The lines around our eyes can be a telltale sign of age and no one wants that! Although those lines came through many years of smiles and laughter, we’d rather not see them otherwise. Tackling these lines efficiently takes several approaches but will prove very successful.

Botox: The FDA approved Botox for lines around the eyes (canthal lines) in September 2013. Although Botox has long been used to eliminate crows feet, the FDA has only recently approved its use in this area. There is no doubt that Botox is the single best and fastest remedy to erase crows feet within only a few days. Because those years of smiles and laughter were your muscles scrunching and leaving lines in your skin, Botox eliminates this action by relaxing the muscles around the eye and leaving the skin smooth. Schedule your Botox treatment today!

Chemical exfoliation: The best chemical exfoliants are purchased from a medical practice where you are receiving products that will actually do change to your skin. When you purchase over the counter eye creams, you get what you pay for as the FDA does not allow these creams to do much change to the skin. However, a licensed medical professional can give you take home products with a lower pH that will break up the dead skin cells while you sleep, giving your skin it’s fighting chance to renew without those pesky lines being so prominent. Ingredients such as retinol palmitate and glycolic acid (AHA) will chemically exfoliate the skin and break up the bond that’s holding those ugly dead skin cells in place. Products such as IMAGE Total Eye Lift Crème are effective at home remedies for skin rejuvenation around the eyes. Schedule an appointment to try this product for yourself!

Manual exfoliation:  There’s something to be said for seeing a medical aesthetician who can treat lines using tools that exfoliate such as microdermabrasion and dermaplaning treatments. These treatments are one more way to break down the dead skin cells, removing them completely, and forcing the skin to turn cells over faster. This is the whole idea of rejuvenation! Bringing back the skin you had years ago. Schedule your treatment with our medical aesthetician today!

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