How long will Juvederm last?

The brochures say that Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus will last up to a year. But is that true? Well, honestly, I think that’s a little unrealistic for most people to get that result on their very first Juvederm treatment without some sort of touchup within the first year. Juvederm is hyaluronic acid which binds itself a thousand times to water. There is science showing that when hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin or tissue, it has a compounding effect over time. This means, the more you have injected, the longer the results will last. So, I typically tell my clients to expect to have a touchup between 6-9 months after the very first injection. That doesn’t mean all the Juvederm is gone by any means, but the point is that you don’t want it to be. You want to capitalize on your Juvederm investment, so don’t wait until you know for sure it’s all gone and then come back again. Be proactive and keep your results! As you add a little more Juvederm the second time, you are reviving the first Juvederm injections and making the entire treatment last even longer! The general idea is to have your first Juvederm treatment, then again in 9 months, then again in a year, then hopefully you can go 18 months or longer and so on! Never let your investment run out and you’ll be amazed at the lasting results!

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