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You may have seen over-the-counter products that condition lashes. Latisse is different and is proven to grow lashes – fuller, thicker, and longer! Latisse is a prescription drug prescribed specifically to grow your own natural eyelashes, which means no more false lashes and damaging extensions. Because it is a prescription you can only purchase it through a physician or a representative of that physician. Latisse is the first prescription treatment approved by the FDA to enhance your natural lashes to grow them longer, fuller, and darker.

Jessica Lomas, medical esthetician at Always Beautiful Medspa, says, “Personally, I love Latisse and have used it for years. Without it you wouldn’t even know I have lashes, and now I couldn’t imagine not having Latisse! I wear contact lenses, have sensitive eyes and have never had a problem. I can wear my contacts everyday with no issues, and the compliments I receive every day are priceless!”

How it works: Eyelashes grow in a cycle, over several months. Although researchers do not know exactly how Latisse works, it’s believed to increase the percentage of hairs in the active growth phase as well as make the active growth phase longer.

Full results at 16 weeks: Latisse solution works gradually. While you may start seeing longer lashes after 4 weeks, you must use Latisse daily for 16 weeks for full results. Do not reduce or stop application of Latisse when you first notice results. After 16 weeks, you can maintain your results with maintenance applications only a couple times a week instead of daily.

Side effects: Latisse contains bimatoprost, the same active ingredient that is in the glaucoma medication Lumigan. The most common side effects are an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness, occurring in 3.6% of patients. Most people who experience these report improvement after a couple weeks of use and generally go away all together. Other less common side effects typically occur on the skin close to where Latisse is applied, or in the eyes including skin darkening, eye irritation, dryness of the eyes, and redness of the eyelids, occurring in 2.2% of patients. The side effects are usually mild. The majority of people don’t find these side effects bothersome enough to discontinue treatment. In our office with our patients, we’ve been fortunate to see no side effects at all!

Latisse can work for everyone, no matter what your age is. Try Latisse today and give yourself the gift of more youthful, beautiful, eye-opening lashes that everyone will notice!

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