The Shape-Shifting that Comes with Age Can Be Reversed with Juvéderm Voluma

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA Denver Aurora CO As we age, the shape of our face changes. It’s nearly inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that shape-shifting is something we have to accept as a natural part of our aging process. Several strategies have been developed to help men and women offset the changes that occur over time. The more we have learned about the nature of facial aging, the better we have gotten at maintaining the appearance of youth, Here, we discuss how Juvéderm Voluma can be an integral part of your anti-aging plan.

The Youthful Face

What sets the youthful face apart is its structure. When we’re young, we have fat pads that have a balanced distribution of fat cells. Fat pads exist on the forehead, cheeks, at the temples, and around the mouth and eyes. Because there is plenty of fat in the right places, the face looks plump and contoured.

As we age, the structure of our fat pads gets redistributed. We lose some of the volume that gives the forehead, temples, and cheeks their shape. When this loss happens, volume shifts downward. We begin to notice flatter cheeks and a heavier jawline, otherwise known as jowls.

At the same time fat pads are deflating, the skin is also affected by aging and the deterioration of collagen that keeps skin in place. The loss of collagen doesn’t just lead to lines and wrinkles, it also causes the nose to tip downward and the upper lip to lengthen, exacerbating the appearance of age on the lower face.

It isn’t only fat loss that occurs with age. Studies have shown that we also lose bone structure as we grow older. X-ray imaging shows how the eye sockets can lengthen and widen over time, and that the bony ridge the supports the eyebrows recedes.

The realization of structural changes allows us to treat the face in the manner through which optimal results are achieved. Previously, the best method for facial rejuvenation that was available was the facelift. This procedure only tightened and lifted the tissue that existed. It did nothing to reinstate the scaffolding that supports facial contours. Now, we can use dermal fillers like Juvéderm Voluma to put volume back where it belongs.

Juvéderm Voluma is a dense hyaluronic acid filler that has been explicitly approved for the midface. Inserted into all areas of the cheeks, Voluma can add roundness, height, and structure that lasts for up to two years.

The team at Always Beautiful in Aurora knows how to assess your skin and tissue to develop the appropriate protocol to refresh your face. Learn more about Juvéderm Voluma and our other treatments at (720) 280-7016.

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Ali McCoy
Ali McCoy

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