Could Permanent Eyeliner End Your Daily Hassle with Cosmetics?

Permanent Makeup Aurora, CO Eyeliner has long been a way to make the eyes “pop.” As common as the use of this cosmetic technique is, there are still many who just never quite got the hang of it. Applying eyeliner can be a fun event when you know what you’re doing. When you don’t, it just a hassle. If you feel that you could benefit from a crash-course on eyeliner application, there is another option worth considering: permanent eyeliner.

Always Beautiful Medspa is proud to offer permanent cosmetics services for clients who want to end their frustration and feel gorgeous morning, noon, and night. Here, we discuss details about permanent eyeliner that make this service a valuable, long-term solution to cosmetics woes.

Permanent Eyeliner: Just an Average Tattoo?

Permanent eyeliner, as well as other forms of permanent makeup, are often perceived as a tattoo. There are similarities in techniques, but also differences. Both involve depositing ink below the uppermost layer of skin. However, when we apply ink for cosmetic purposes, the depth at which pigment is deposited is more superficial. There are also differences in the pigments used in permanent makeup versus tattoos. The reason a tattoo is permanent is that pigments have more of a metal component to their base, which makes pigment particles too large for the body to break down over time.

The pigment inserted for permanent makeup is actually semi-permanent; particles are small enough to be superficially applied and also small enough for the body to break down. This means that “permanent” makeup won’t really last indefinitely. It does, however, last at least a few years in most cases.

Treatment is Customizable

One of the advantages of permanent eyeliner is that you can customize it to your desired look. There are two common styles performed by permanent makeup providers. One is called “tightline” and the other is eyeliner.

Tightline application deposits pigment in a thin line along and in between the eyelashes. The result is subtle lash enhancement; slight darkening within the lash line. Tightline is considered very natural-looking. Though subtle, the benefit of this technique is that you wake up with more accentuation around your eyes than you would naturally but you also have the ability to enhance the line for nights out or special events when you want your eyes to have more va-va-voom.

Eyeliner is a step above the tight line technique and can involve whatever thickness or curvature you desire. It is important to know that, once pigment is in place, it will only degrade naturally over the course of a few years (or several). Choosing a thicker line against the lashes can eliminate the need to ever apply eyeliner, but your eyes will always look “done.”

A benefit to exploring permanent eyeliner with a trained professional is that your treatment can be fully customized to your desired look and the natural anatomy of your face.

Are you ready to feel more beautiful? Contact Always Beautiful in Aurora for more information on permanent eyeliner and other permanent makeup

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Ali McCoy
Ali McCoy

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