Can Botox help your mood?

Is there a link between Botox and our mood? I know I have mentioned to many of you that Botox has been shown to actually make us feel better and not just look better. There have been many preliminary studies, and even a US patent, created around the notion that medical professionals have noticed the positive effect that Botox has on one’s mood. It’s not just the loss of frown lines that keep us coming back!

Basically, how it works is simple. Our muscles and Botox both work neurologically, within the communication circuit system inside our body. One noted activity in depressed patients is an increased neurological activity in the glabella region occurring by the tensing of the corrugator muscles. Incidentally, this area between the eyebrows is the typical place for patients to be treated cosmetically with Botox for “frown lines”. Botox works by temporarily stopping the communication between the nerves and the muscles. By being injected in the glabella region with Botox for cosmetic reasons, studies have shown that Botox also stops the neurological activity noted in this area in depressed patients. This lessened neurological activity is not only working to reduce the wrinkles but is directly related to increasing the patient’s mood! It may seem silly to treat depression with something as simple as Botox but mental health professionals are looking seriously into this correlation saying the idea just makes sense. Dr Eric Finzi, author of the book, “The Face of Emotion: How Botox Affects Our Mood and Relationships”, has been studying this link for 20 years and says he “hopes to eventually win federal approval so that insurance will cover this procedure” (1).

When you think about Botox this way, it makes you feel that “putting on a happy face” is actually possible and maybe easier than we once thought. So, you can feel even better about your Botox treatments, knowing that it can actually make life more enjoyable from the inside out. No wonder we love it so much!


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