The Magic of Beauty Lies within Your Own Cells

Microneedling Denver, CO The centuries-old search for the Fountain of Youth has not been unfruitful in the least. Maybe we never found a literal and physical fountain, but what we have as an alternative is a proverbial sea of skin-supporting treatments and procedures that can usher us through the journey of age without much consequence at all. At Always Beautiful Medspa in Aurora, we are pleased to have a wealth of information and technique at our fingertips. One that we are particularly excited about is PRP therapy with micro needling.

What is PRP?

PRP is the term used to describe platelet-rich plasma. This is a blood product that is comprised of the platelets in your own body. What is special about these blood products, the platelets, is that they contain growth factors that are integral to the body’s natural healing processes. When introduced into specific areas, PRP and its mega-powerful growth factors aid in tissue regeneration, cartilage regeneration, and collagen production.

A breakdown of the skin-rejuvenation process goes like this:

  • PRP isn’t like the rest of the blood, this product is 94% platelets, which means a high concentration of bioactive factors such as cytokines and proteins that are involved in the regeneration of new connective tissue.
  • The introduction of PRP and all of its bioactive proteins into tissue leads to mild, localized inflammation, which sets a cascade of wound healing into motion.
  • Collagen strands shrink as new cells mature, which leads to tighter skin.
  • According to research, PRP can assist in the replication of new cells, in vascular endothelial growth, and in the proliferation of myoblasts, which support muscle tone. PRP also contains platelet-derived fibroblasts, hepatocyte cells, fibrin, and other factors that are integral to the repair matrix of the body.

It’s all about that Look

A PRP facial also referred to as the Vampire Facial, is a great way to kick-start your skin into renewed youthfulness. This minimally invasive treatment involves microneedling, which creates microscopic channels in your skin into which PRP can fully absorb deep into the dermis. Permeating deeper connective tissues, the growth factors in platelet-rich plasma incite ongoing changes that include skin tightening and thickening, reduction of sun spots and other hyperpigmentation, and smoothing of lines and wrinkles.

Learn more about the Vampire Facial and experience the benefits of PRP therapy firsthand. Call our Aurora office at (720) 280-7016.

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