Why Laser Treatments Should be in Your Anti-Aging Routine

Laser Skin Treatments Denver, COWe used to talk a lot about anti-aging. In recent years, we have somewhat shifted away from the severity with which we turn back the hands of time, looking more closely at how we can pamper and support aging skin than how to correct it. Fewer people are searching for surgical cosmetic lifts now that alternatives are available. One of the most advantageous technologies to come into our practice has been the YAG laser device.

Laser treatments have existed for several years, and there are various devices that are specified for particular concerns. YAG laser skin resurfacing is a technology that emits gentle, safe wavelengths of light through the uppermost surface of the skin. As light penetrates the epidermis, it detoxifies the outermost tissue and simultaneously provides just enough heat to cause collagen contraction.

What does laser treatment feel like?

Some people are apprehensive about the very idea of laser treatment. This may stem from the assumption that all laser treatments are highly ablative, such as the original CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatments that were performed many years ago (don’t get us wrong, a CO2 laser is still very valuable!). Today’s YAG laser treatments aren’t quite to aggressive. Topical numbing cream may be applied before the 45-minute treatment to maximize comfort. As the laser applicator is moved across the skin, what patients feel most is warmth. In some areas, a rubber-band snap sensation may occur. Not painful, but possibly slightly uncomfortable.

What to Expect from Laser Skin Tightening

One of the benefits of laser skin tightening versus other modalities, such as radiofrequency, is that lasers are very predictable. Initial results may not be dramatic. Patients should also expect a day or two of slight swelling. The improvement in the tightness of skin occurs naturally over several months and, in some cases, a handful of subsequent treatments. This is because the objective in treatment is to tighten the strands of collagen beneath the skin. In so doing, there is more long-term gain.

The Bottom Line

Cosmetic laser treatments can improve the skin in some ways. From tightening and toning to decreasing pore size and dark spots, there is a lot of value to be found in laser technology. Learn more about our laser skin tightening services when you visit our Aurora, CO medspa.

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Ali McCoy
Ali McCoy

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