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Cosmetic Products Denver COModern medicine has made it possible for people live longer, healthier lives. The saying “50 is the new 30” has a lot of merit for both men and women, and it extends beyond how we feel into how we look. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with adults of all ages on maintaining healthy, vibrant skin as they go through the stages of life. Because the skin is affected by internal and external factors, it is best maintained with a combination of healthy habits. Here, we want to discuss a few habits that may prematurely age the skin, and one habit – your skin care – that can promote lasting resilience.

First, Do No Harm

The best way to manage aging skin is to avoid the premature development of lines and wrinkles. The skin relies on good, strong collagen in order to stay smooth and firm. As soon as collagen starts to break down, we can see clear indications for skin laxity, crepiness, and deflation. Now, there isn’t a whole lot we can do to stop the natural decline in collagen production as we age. We can, however, limit the degradation of existing collagen by instilling good habits like:

  • Maintain a one-drink maximum. Studies show that one glass of wine or mild alcoholic beverage can actually be good. More than that, though, and you’re facing dehydration, which can ultimately affect your skin.
  • Get some shut-eye. We have come to realize how very little value there is in burning the candle at both ends. Sleep is an essential building block for health and beauty. When you sleep, your DNA is repairing and cells are regenerating. Sleep also controls cortisol, the stress-chemical that degrades collagen.
  • Use sunscreen. Broad spectrum sunscreen is the best way to avoid collagen deterioration caused by UV damage.
  • Eat your veggies. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain the anti-oxidants that the body needs to fight free radicals that accelerate biological aging.

Skincare has Come a Long Way

Skincare used to describe products that would cleanse and moisturize. We’ve come a long way since the days of Pond’s Cold Cream! Today, we have multiple medical-grade products that contain concentrated ingredients formulated specifically to address the needs of ever-changing skin.

We are proud to offer SENTÉ® Skin Care products in our Aurora medical spa. This line is special because every product is based on Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) Technology that nourishes aging, sun-damaged, dehydrated skin.

Let us help you discover your skin’s needs and how to meet them. Call (720) 280-7016 to schedule your visit to our comfortable facility.

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Ali McCoy
Ali McCoy

Meet Ali McCoy Stengel, LE, RN, BSN

Denver Area Aesthetic Injector, Speaker, and Trainer

My name is Ali and I am the founder, owner, and Master Nurse Injector at Always Beautiful® Medspa. I have been in medicine since 2002, although my passion for facial aesthetics began much earlier. Growing up with acne and self-esteem issues, it became my mission to help others feel comfortable in their skin. Bringing beauty and medicine together became the ultimate pairing to educate the patient, staff, and injector for a safe experience and natural results.

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