How Much Dermal Filler Does It Take?

Dermal Fillers Aurora & Denver, COWith the widespread use of dermal fillers that is common today, there may be a slight misperception about this treatment. However slight, this misperception could be the very factor that leads to dissatisfaction. As a premier medspa in Aurora, CO, we see a lot of clients who are interested in dermal filler treatment. One of the biggest questions (and one that is often not asked) that affects the outcome of this procedure is how much dermal filler it might take to achieve the desired result. We want to discuss that here.

How much is enough?

Before you arrive for your dermal filler appointment, it is a good idea to put a good deal of thought into what you want to achieve. Do you want Kylie lips (many people still do)? Do your cheekbones need a lift? How much volume do you want in your midface? These are questions only you can answer. Additional details you need to know include:

  • Every person needs their own precise amount of filler. Most treatments use 1 or 2 syringes. However, those Kylie lips could require up to 3. And, at that, the results might border on looking overdone, so be careful to discuss this possibility with your provider. Remember, you can always come back for a top-off a week or two after your initial treatment.
  • The amount of filler one needs will depend somewhat on the degree of volume depletion they have experienced. The more volume that is lost with age, the more syringes it will take to correct the problem.
  • Skin tone also dictates how much filler is needed. Poor skin tone, in which elasticity has diminished, will need more product to become plump.

We’ll Know Right Away

The good news about dermal fillers is that we get immediate feedback in the form of literal results. As the filler is introduced beneath the skin, we see lines smooth and volume increase right away. This allows us to observe and adjust as needed to get the results you want.

Expectations are Everything

We cannot overstate the fact that expectations have a significant effect on every person’s sense of satisfaction with their treatment. It is important to understand that:

  • Treatment will not make you look 10 years younger.
  • Filler treatment can smooth lines and improve contours. It cannot correct loose, sagging skin.
  • The results of treatment may vary widely from one person to another. Just because your friend’s dermal fillers lasted 2 years does not mean yours will. Likewise, just because someone else’s fillers dissolved quickly does not mean yours will.

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Ali McCoy
Ali McCoy

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