CoolTone Abs | Define Your Abdominals in 30-Minutes

CoolTone Abs | Define Your Abdominals in 30-Minutes

Countless men and women work their core muscles manually in the gym without any positive results. Now, with CoolTone Abs, you achieve a slim, sculpted core in just 30-minutes. The truth is that the number of crunches or sit-ups it takes to obtain a defined midsection is impossible to achieve manually. Thankfully, CoolTone treatments provide a way to sculpt a strong core without spending all of your free time in the gym. The body shaping treatment is cleared by the FDA for strengthening, firming, and toning the abs. Learn more about CoolTone Abs here.

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What Do Regular Core Workouts Do?

Manual exercise only does so much for your body. Crunches, planks, and even sit-ups may be good exercises for the core, but they do not chisel your stomach the way you want. In fact, most men and women go all out in the gym trying to achieve rock-hard abs without any positive progress. This is because manual exercise alone does not sculpt your midsection.

What Do Regular Core Workouts Not Do?

Science reveals that sculpted abdominals are elusive for most people. The truth is that genetics is a prominent factor in how the body reacts to manual exercise. Some people work their core every single day of the week and still see no sculpted muscles.

Moreover, you can have solid abs and carry extra stomach fat that obscures them. No amount of core exercise changes anything if you struggle with fat in the stomach. Also, the idea that you can spot reduce fat and sculpt washboard abs with crunches or sit-ups is a myth. Working out the muscles below the fat bulges does not always reduce the stubborn fat in that area.

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Achieve CoolTone Abs in 30-Minutes

For people who haven’t got the right genetics or the time to spend in the gym working their abdominal muscles, CoolTone is the solution. This body shaping method is scientifically proven to strengthen the core muscles and provide CoolTone abs when manual exercise fails to deliver.

CoolTone uses advanced electromagnetic technology, inducing a powerful physical response known as magnetic muscle stimulation. During one CoolTone session, the electromagnetic energy penetrates the muscles below the skin. The energy stimulates the tissue, causing contractions. One CoolTone treatment induces more than 20,000 contractions in one session. Each session is virtually painless and lasts just 30 minutes.

The contractions obtained during a CoolTone session are not like regular muscle contractions you achieve with manual exercise. This contraction is known as supramaximal contraction. It can only be induced during a body sculpting treatment. The contraction places powerful tension on the core muscles. To adapt to the tension, the body creates more muscle cells and enlarges the existing muscle tissue. The result of CoolTone Abs is a stronger, more sculpted core.

CoolTone Abs Near Me

If you want to learn more about CoolTone Abs and how to achieve chiseled abdominals in 30 minutes, contact Always Beautiful Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics. We are a premier provider of CoolTone in the Denver and Aurora, Colorado area. Call us at 720-280-7016 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about this body shaping treatment.



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