CoolSculpting Neck: Fast, Non-Invasive Double Chin Removal

Neck and jawline CoolSculpting is one of the quickest, easiest ways to shape your profile the way you want it to look. Most of us deal with a double chin at some point in our lives. You might have always had one, or more recently found that extra volume under the chin was never there before. Either way, it doesn’t mean you must keep that unwanted fat.

It’s easy to think of CoolSculpting as a nonsurgical procedure that people get right before summer. This isn’t entirely accurate, only because there are several reasons to get a fat-blasting treatment any time during the year. 

If you’re tired of dealing with embarrassing submental fullness, it’s time to try CoolSculpting chin treatments.

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Original Fat-Freezing Treatments Upgraded to Include Chin CoolSculpting

You may know about the original fat-freezing treatment that eliminates fat bulges without surgery or downtime. One CoolSculpting machine comes with different applicators that target specific areas of your body.

There wasn’t always a time that you could do chin CoolSculpting – the original CoolSculpting treatment couldn’t accommodate neck fat. When CoolSculpting first hit the market in 2010, its FDA approval was for fat removal on the abdomen and flanks or love handles. However, with its continuing rise in popularity, additional applicators capable of targeting more CoolSculpting treatment areas became available.

The advanced version, CoolSculpting Elite, comes with dual applicators to treat two spots at once, and a mini applicator that can target the neck.

Meet CoolMini, Your Jawline Sculpting Solution

With CoolSculpting Elite’s new applicators, you can reduce excess fat in specific locations, unlike trying to find a workout that targets the area you want sculpted. Since you can’t be sure that specific exercises will work on the spot you want, slimming underneath the chin is especially challenging on your own. 

One of these applicators, CoolMini, safely reaches the neck and jawline area. This small, handheld device was created to target submental fullness, commonly known as neck fat, jowls, or a double chin. Using cryolipolysis technology, CoolMini freezes fat pockets for the body to process and eliminate.

Setting the Right CoolSculpting Chin Expectations

CoolSculpting can help the area beneath the chin, but not in every way. It is important to know this because a misconception could diminish your satisfaction with the results this treatment gives you.

When discussing CoolSculpting for a double chin, it is really important to differentiate this problem from the “turkey wattle” of loose skin. This problem is more commonly known as jowls. Officially, jowls are described as the lower part of a person’s cheek that has become droopy or fleshy. 

The CoolMini applicator for the CoolSculpting device has been developed to treat small areas of persistent fat, like the double chin. While CoolSculpting helps tighten skin, its main purpose is reducing stubborn pockets of fat.

Happy patient receiving CoolSculpting treatment with a CoolMini applicator for double chin reduction

Getting Rid of Jowls

Jowls are pockets of loose skin. They may look fatty but they’re not. Any fat that may reside around jowls can be eliminated with CoolSculpting, but this won’t make sagging skin look any better. But there’s still hope! 

The right team by your side can help you address the jowl problem with minimally invasive treatment. Mild sagging at the jawline is often a result of volume loss in the mid-face. 

When we restore volume using Juvéderm fillers, there is a chance that jowls may lift slightly. Another option is laser treatments that stimulate collagen production to give the skin an all-around boost.

How CoolSculpting Reduces Chin Fat

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment that reduces fat deposits without surgery or downtime. Since CoolMini is one of the applicators for CoolSculpting, its technology works the same way, only it targets explicitly submental fullness.

This non-invasive procedure uses an applicator to expose unwanted fat cells to a controlled cooling that freezes them to death. The applicator will sit under the chin and around the jaw to emit controlled cooling in the proper location. Once the fat cells are frozen, their cell membrane crystallizes and ruptures, triggering cell death.

Weeks after treatment, the body naturally gathers the dead cells and expels them from the body as a form of waste through the lymphatic system. Once removed, the fat cells never return, leading to long-term fat reduction.

 someone with a double chin

The Results of Double Chin Removal with CoolMini

Before CoolSculpting, people struggling with double chins and neck fat had few options, mostly liposuction. While effective, liposuction has several drawbacks like painful surgery, cannulas, general anesthesia, and a long recovery process. 

With the introduction of the CoolMini, CoolSculpting neck fat can reduce submental fullness without injections, stitches, or painful surgery. Double chin CoolSculpting is clinically proven as a safe and effective way to eliminate submental fullness.

Unlike attempting to find the right double chin removal technique at home where you have to wait and see if the results show, CoolSculpting with CoolMini offers results faster. Plus, you continue to see slimming effects as the body processes frozen fat cells.

How Many CoolSculpting Chin Sessions Are Necessary?

The number of sessions you need will depend on how much fat removal is necessary to reach your goals. Most patients usually find that one or two CoolMini treatments will get the job done. 

Results are typically seen within one to three months of your initial session (if you’re getting more than one). It can take a few more months for the full effects of CoolMini to become apparent.

How Long Does Chin CoolSculpting Last?

The Procedure: Each CoolMini session generally lasts up to an hour.

The Results: CoolMini results are permanent.*

*It’s important to remember that not every fat cell in the treatment area will die, although the ones that do, are gone forever. A CoolMini session reduces up to 25% of the unwanted fat, so even though a portion will go, you can still gain weight in the remaining fat cells. That’s why you should focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle after treatment, so you can maximize your CoolMini results.

CoolMini Near Me: Double Chin Removal in the Denver Area

The best way to receive a dramatic fat reduction is by selecting a reputable, professional CoolSculpting provider. CoolSculpting is technique-sensitive, meaning the more skill the provider has, the more dramatic your fat reduction.

When you’re deciding on a medical spa treatment, it can feel overwhelming knowing there are so many options. That’s why CoolSculpting chin before and after images along with patient testimonials can make all the difference in finding the best double chin removal for your body. It’s important to find a provider that you trust, knowing the team is professional and has your best interests in mind.

Call (720) 280-7016 or reach out online to schedule an appointment for chin CoolSculpting at Always Beautiful.

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