Beauty Doesn’t Happen Overnight

With the popularity of nonsurgical beauty treatments comes questions. One that we hear frequently pertains to the speed of results from a given treatment. Clients may ask “how many treatments will I need to achieve results?” or “What can I expect from this treatment?” For those seeking to support their skin at every age, there is no such thing as one-and-done. This is because the skin itself is in a constant state of change and, as such, will have changing needs over time.

An Advantageous Approach to Aging

There are several ways we can support healthy skin as we age. Eating well and staying out of the bright, harsh sunshine are two strategies that dermatologists recommend. On the beauty front, the key to lasting results is to address the issue of collagen and elastin depletion. Collagen is the skin-firming protein that gives us baby-softness in our youth. Elastin is another critical substance, responsible for giving skin the ability to bounce back when stretched.

Fibroblast cells are responsible for producing these proteins. By about age 30, though, these cells slow down significantly. Their production of collagen and elastin no longer keep up with the annual usage rate of about 1% to 2%. By age 40, then, these skin-firming and smoothing substances have degraded dramatically and the signs of aging appear. This isn’t all bad news, really, because we can stimulate dormant fibroblasts to give the skin more of the vital proteins it has in its youth.

It’s one thing to correct signs of aging with surgeries or with injectables to soften wrinkles. It’s another thing entirely to look at beauty treatments as an ongoing aspect of beauty. We offer several approaches in our Aurora med spa, including chemical peels, microneedling, and medical-grade facials. Laser treatments that resurface the uppermost layers of the skin are also advantageous. However, none of these techniques achieve permanent results after one session.

Our trained, experienced skincare specialists estimate the number of treatments each client may need based on the condition of their skin at the time of their consultation, their beauty goals, and the type of treatment they are interested in.

Don’t spend your time combating the signs of aging. Give your skin the ongoing support it needs so aging occurs more slowly and gracefully. To schedule a consultation with us, call (720) 669-6825.

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Ali McCoy
Ali McCoy

Meet Ali McCoy Stengel, LE, RN, BSN

Denver Area Aesthetic Injector, Speaker, and Trainer

My name is Ali and I am the founder, owner, and Master Nurse Injector at Always Beautiful® Medspa. I have been in medicine since 2002, although my passion for facial aesthetics began much earlier. Growing up with acne and self-esteem issues, it became my mission to help others feel comfortable in their skin. Bringing beauty and medicine together became the ultimate pairing to educate the patient, staff, and injector for a safe experience and natural results.

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