CoolSculpting Chin and Neck Fat | Eliminate Double Chin Fat

CoolSculpting Chin and Neck Fat | Eliminate Double Chin Fat

CoolSculpting chin and neck treatments are the best non-surgical solution for submental fullness (double chins, turkey necks, and jowls.) This revolutionary fat reduction method reduces fat deposits without surgery and minimal to no downtime utilizing advanced cooling technology. If you have tried diet and exercise but cannot reduce submental fullness, CoolSculpting chin treatments may be the right solution.

Read on to learn more about CoolSculpting and how it improves double chin and neck fat.

What Causes Submental Fullness and Double Chins?

Submental fullness is not always caused by poor diet and lifestyle choices. In fact, this area is notorious for collecting stubborn fat due to gender, hormones, and genetics. According to some polls, double chin embarrassment affects 2 out of 3 adults. Before CoolSculpting was introduced, liposuction was the only way people could reduce fat deposits in the submental area. Thankfully, now CoolSculpting provides a non-invasive way to eliminate double chins and neck fat.

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Can You Spot Reduce Double Chin Fat?

The idea that you can “spot reduce” fat is a myth. While you can do crunches and strengthen abdominal muscles, it does not mean that you burn off stubborn belly fat. The same is true for the double chin and neck area. You can attempt to do exercises that target submental fullness, but they will likely not burn off any of that stubborn fat.

Reduce Double Chins with the Cool Mini

CoolSculpting was introduced in 2010, bringing Cryolipolysis to any individual struggling with stubborn fat. Treatments use proprietary applicators to reduce fat by exposing the cells to extreme cooling.

Now with the newest line of proprietary applicators, the CoolMini makes fat freezing possible in the submental area. This small, handheld device was created to treat small, isolated pockets of fat that are harder to reach on the body. The CoolMini easily fits underneath the chin.

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CoolSculpting Chin Results

CoolSculpting chin treatments are backed by clinical studies that provide its efficacy. One study of the consensus of data regarding cryolipolysis and submental fullness was published in the Journal of Clinical Dermatology. The study found that “there was a statistically significant reduction in submental fat and patients expressed high satisfaction with the treatment.”

Other studies evaluating the efficacy of CoolSculpting chin and neck fat to reduce submental fullness found:

  • 20% reduction in submental fat
  • 8 out of 10 patients would recommend the treatment to their friends
  • Results are seen in 1 to 2 treatments.

CoolSculpting Chin Before and After

CoolSculpting chin before and after images demonstrate how Cryolipolysis and CoolSculpting help eliminate fat in the submental area. As with any body contouring treatment, results may vary per individual.* The best way to receive a dramatic fat reduction is by selecting a reputable, professional CoolSculpting provider. CoolSculpting is technique-sensitive, meaning the more skill the provider has, the more dramatic your fat reduction.

CoolSculpting Treatments Near Me

If you are tired of living with embarrassing submental fullness, CoolSculpting may be the perfect solution. Contact Always Beautiful Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics to schedule a free consultation to learn more. Call us at 720-280-7016 to schedule your visit or reach out to us online.


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