Permanent Cosmetics


Are you tired of the morning make-up routine?

Since getting Permanent Cosmetics, I no longer spend an extra 20 minutes drawing on my eyebrows in the morning trying to get them perfect.”

Before Permanent Cosmetics, you couldn’t even tell I had lips. Now I have a beautiful and natural looking lip color that won’t smear or wear off.”

I just wanted to do something special for myself.”

  • Do you worry about your appearance throughout the day because your makeup smudges or smears?
  • Are you tired of drawing on your eyeliner and lip liner in the car?
  • Are you frustrated with the time you spend applying your eyebrow color and getting it even?
  • Do you want your makeup to last while you swim, ski, or work in the yard?
  • Do you feel bare and incomplete without lip color?
  • Would you like to feel beautiful when you first wake up in the morning?
  • Have you been wanting to treat yourself to something that will make you feel more beautiful?

Everyone and anyone can benefit from permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is for women who are tired of applying their makeup every morning, as well as for women who simply want a natural enhancement to feel more beautiful when they first wake up. And best of all, permanent makeup eliminates “touch-ups” throughout your day. The benefits of permanent makeup are refreshingly endless.


Permanent makeup is a non-surgical micro-procedure known as Micropigmentation. Tiny droplets of custom blended colors are skillfully deposited into the dermal layer of the skin to simulate natural looking or well-defined makeup. It can be as light or as dark as you want it to be while maintaining its color for years to come. For all procedures, the appointment includes a consultation, viewing before/after photos, topical anesthetic, after-care instructions and take home ointments.

Ali McCoy, RN offers several cosmetic procedures including eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, full lip color, beauty marks, scar camouflage, color correction and areola restoration. Ali McCoy, RN is a professional permanent makeup artist with 12 years experience who has performed over 7,000 procedures.

Only the finest color compilations and the highest quality of ingredients are found in the pigments used by Ali McCoy. Ali’s pigments have undergone proper testing which have proven top grade results. These iron oxide free, organic pigments have been perfected over a decade of revolutionary research and development.

Permanent Cosmetics and You… A Message from Ali McCoy, RN

“It is understandable that when you are considering Permanent Cosmetics you have all sorts of questions and apprehensions. You probably ask yourself questions like: “Can I trust this person?” “Will she do what I want?”

It is my belief that everyone has the ability to look beautiful. My personal goal is to understand your individual needs and give you exactly the look that you desire. Before we even begin your procedure, you and I will spend extensive time discussing, designing and perfecting your look.

One thing I need to emphasize to you is my theory for Permanent Cosmetics is it should be a natural enhancement that defines your features and softens your appearance, using pigments that will last and stay true to color. It really is nice to feel beautiful right when you wake up in the morning. This was my own personal reason for having permanent makeup.

Maybe you are one of the many women who feel embarrassed for anyone to see you before you’ve had a chance to draw on your eyebrows. Or, maybe you just would like a natural lip liner to better define your lips, and give them more shape. Whatever your reasons for considering Permanent Cosmetics, I would love to talk with you more about what we can do and have the opportunity to answer all of your questions. Please contact me for a consultation.” ~Ali McCoy, RN


  • Eyeliner is such a rewarding procedure by being able to wake up first thing in the morning and feel that you have beautiful, noticeable eyes. Imagine being able to shower or swim and never have your eyeliner smear! There are so many colors and liner selections to choose from. Your eyeliner can be applied as thick as you want or as thin as you want. There is also an option to make the line smoky for a less dramatic and more natural effect.
  • An eyeliner procedure brings a natural enhancement to sparsely spaced lashes and can also replace daily makeup applications in the morning. The procedure begins by following your natural lash line, then thickness can be added as desired. Depth of color and degree of opacity can be applied as requested.
  • Top and bottom eyeliner is $595 and a touch-up after six weeks is included if you need one. For top and bottom eyeliner, you can expect to be in your appointment for a total of 3 hours from the moment you walk into the door until the moment you leave. Bottom or top eyeliner only is $495 and you can plan for approximately a 2 hour appointment. The appointment time includes an extensive consultation before the procedure, topical anesthetic application, doing the procedure and follow up instructions. Immediately following an eyeliner procedure, you can expect to have swelling and redness which should subside within 24-48 hours. Your new eyeliner will be fully healed and you will be able to wear mascara again in 10-14 days.


– solid, hairline strokes, feathering technique

  • Eyebrow procedures can enhance sparse eyebrow hairlines, as well as eliminate time consuming applications every morning. Anyone who uses an eyebrow pencil or powder will love this procedure. Eyebrow procedures are the most popular procedures performed.
  • Eyebrows are such a rewarding procedure by being able to wake up first thing in the morning and feel that you have beautiful brows. There are many colors to choose from – we can match a color you are already using, match your hair color, or we can customize a color just for you. Choose from either a solid eyebrow (resembles the result of penciled brow makeup) or hairline stroes also referred to as the feathering technique (which looks a little more natural). Eyebrows are only $495 including a free touchup, if needed.
  • Before every eyebrow procedure, you will experience a thorough consult which will include browsing before/after photos, comparing in the color gallery, and discussing desired shape. We will draw your brows on together to make sure they are as even and perfect as we can achieve. This way, you know exactly what your brows will look like even before we get started! Then, we simply implant the chosen eyebrow color over your freshly penciled brows allowing us to achieve the exact look you saw in the mirror. Book your eyebrow procedure today. You’ll be glad you did.


  • Permanent lip liner and full lip color are such gratifying procedures. It feels so amazing to be able to look in the mirror during any time of the day and feel that you have still have beautiful luscious lips with color that never smears or wears off! There are many colors to choose from. You can choose lip liner only, full lip color with the same color lip liner for a more subtle look or darker lip liner for a more noticeable, defined appearance.
  • Lip liner procedures bring beautiful definition to lighter toned lips, as well as add the appearance of gorgeous fullness. To further enhance “disappearing lips”, full lip color procedures bring color back to your lips and can eliminate the hassles of lipstick. Both lip liner and full lip color procedures can be combined for maximum enhancing results.
  • Lip liner is $495. Full lip color is $695. Other options are available based on desired results.


  • Beauty marks are an alluring accent. Whether you’ve always wanted a beauty mark or desire to easily enhance the gorgeous one you already have, permanent cosmetics is a wonderful choice! This aesthetic process allows you to choose a color that will give you either a bold and dramatic beauty mark or simply a soft and subtle accent. Colors are customized for your personal skin tone and are formulated to appear natural.
  • Natural beauty marks may be darkened or the perfectly placed beauty mark can be implanted through a simple procedure. Pigments developed specifically for facial skin are used to insure best results.
  • Beauty marks are $150.


  • Color corrective procedures are available for women who have previously had permanent makeup procedures performed by other technicians using a lower quality pigment that has changed color over time. In such case, low quality pigments containing iron oxide, which have changed to an orange, salmon, blue or purple color under the skin, can be neutralized followed by implanting a high quality pigment to achieve the desired outcome and appearance

Are Permanent Cosmetics for you? Questions Answered.

How long will it last?

The color retention of permanent makeup pigments vary according to ingredients and technique. Ali offers pigments that are color concentrated to stay true to color for up to 10 years. Many women chose to have a touch up procedure performed after 3-5 years to simply brighten up their color or simply ready for a change.

Is it safe?

All procedures are performed with one-time disposable supplies and follow strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines as required by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and OSHA regulations. Ali McCoy, RN is a registered nurse and a licensed paramedical aesthetician with extensive training in standard precautions in healthcare.

Do your pigments contain iron oxide?

No. Pigments containing iron oxide pose medical concerns and may not be safe to be used in an MRI. Pigments that contain iron oxide are known to not stay true to original color. Over time as they fade, black iron oxide pigments turn blue and brown iron oxide pigments turn pink. If you have experienced this color change from iron oxide pigments, Ali offers color correction procedures to neutralize the iron oxide pigment already in your skin, followed by implanting a high quality pigment chosen to create the desired outcome and appearance.

Is it painful?

A topical anesthetic is used to minimize the pain or discomfort. The degree of discomfort varies with each individual. Women have related their experiences from no feeling at all to a slight tickle to a strong vibration. If you are concerned about pain, you may take over the counter pain relievers or contact your doctor for a prescription pain reliever prior to the procedure. Ali McCoy, RN uses prescription strength anesthetics to create the most comfortable experience available.

Are there any after or side effects?

Generally, there is some swelling following the procedure. As each person is different, the degree and length of downtime varies based on the individual. For eyebrows, swelling is minimal and subsides fairly quickly following the procedure. In eyeliner or lips, swelling subsides in 2 to 48 hours. Following a permanent makeup procedure, the area may be tender for a few days, during which time you will need to care for it very minimally. After care consists of keeping the area slightly moist with the provided after care ointment. Immediately following the procedure, the color will be darker than expected or intended for the first 6-10 days, but will fade to the final healed result in 2 weeks. In lips, the color may disappear completely but will return after 6 weeks, once fully healed.

How long will the procedure take?

Depending on the area of application, including the consultation, color selection, design, anesthetic application, etc., allow 2-3 hours for the entire experience and procedure.