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Permanent Eyeliner in Aurora & Denver, co

Eyeliner is such a rewarding procedure by being able to wake up first thing in the morning and feel that you have beautiful, noticeable eyes. Imagine being able to shower or swim and never have your eyeliner smear! There are so many colors and liner selections to choose from. Your eyeliner can be applied as thick as you want or as thin as you want. There is also an option to make the line smokey for a less dramatic and more natural effect.

An eyeliner procedure brings a natural enhancement to sparsely spaced lashes and can also replace daily makeup applications in the morning. The procedure begins by following your natural lash line, then thickness can be added as desired. Depth of color and degree of opacity can be applied as requested.

Top and bottom eyeliner is $595 and a touch-up after six weeks is included if you need one. For top and bottom eyeliner, you can expect to be in your appointment for a total of 3 hours from the moment you walk into the door until the moment you leave. Bottom or top eyeliner only is $495 and you can plan for approximately a 2 hour appointment. The appointment time includes an extensive consultation before the procedure, topical anesthetic application, doing the procedure and follow up instructions. Immediately following an eyeliner procedure, you can expect to have swelling and redness which should subside within 24-48 hours. Your new eyeliner will be fully healed and you will be able to wear mascara again in 10-14 days.

Solid, hairline strokes, feathering technique.

Eyebrow procedures can enhance sparse eyebrow hair lines, as well as eliminate time consuming applications every morning. Anyone who uses an eyebrow pencil or powder will love this procedure. Eyebrow procedures are the most popular procedures performed.

Eyebrows are such a rewarding procedure by being able to wake up first thing in the morning and feel that you have beautiful brows. There are many colors to choose from – we can match a color you are already using, match your hair color, or we can customize a color just for you. Choose from either a solid eyebrow (resembles the result of penciled brow makeup) or hairline stores also referred to as the feathering technique (which looks a little more natural). Eyebrows are only $495 including a free touch up, if needed.

Before every eyebrow procedure, you will experience a thorough consult which will include browsing before/after photos, comparing in the color gallery, and discussing desired shape. We will draw your brows on together to make sure they are as even and perfect as we can achieve. This way, you know exactly what your brows will look like even before we get started! Then, we simply implant the chosen eyebrow color over your freshly penciled brows allowing us to achieve the exact look you saw in the mirror. Book your eyebrow procedure today. You’ll be glad you did.

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