Plant-based stem cells for skin care?

Everyone is talking about the newest technology in skin care. You may be asking how plant stem cells can really help our human stem cells. Clinical studies have shown that when plant stem cells are applied to the skin they protect our own stem cells helping them live longer and keep them stimulated to produce new cells while continuing to repair and renew. Stem cell therapy has been shown to treat different problems throughout the whole body, so why not use it topically on the skin to treat wrinkles, scars and sun damage?

Stem cell research has been around for a long time, but has been a controversial issue with the use of human stem cells. It makes sense to use human stem cells to repair and heal human tissue. With all the controversy surrounding this research, you can imagine how hard it is to convince people to use it in their skin care regimen. Can’t blame them! But now there is new clinical evidence that plant stem cells can have the same healing and reparative effect on the skin as human stem cells. Now that’s exciting news!

Our body is full of stem cells. They are in every organ including our skin. The stem cells in our skin have one primary job, which is regeneration. Our skin’s stem cells are constantly working to renew, heal, and make new young cells while sloughing off old dead cells. It’s no wonder these stem cells get tired with age and can’t function like they used to. As we age our stem cells age along with us, losing the ability to do their jobs correctly. A decline in stem cells means renewal and repair take a lot longer than it used to and they are unable to do it as well as they once did, resulting in wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, redness, loss of collagen and elastin… The list goes on and on.

For years exfoliation has been our best defense against slow cellular turnover by removing the dead outer layer of the skin revealing younger-looking skin while encouraging the skin to renew and make new cells. With the new plant stem cell technology we can actually encourage the skin to repair and regenerate like it did when we were younger. Pair plant stem cell technology with professional exfoliation treatments and you might just be surprised how quickly your skin can appear younger, healthier and more vibrant.

This is truly the latest and most promising technology in the prevention of premature skin aging. We are excited to offer Lira Clinical skin care products formulated with the latest and most effective plant stem cells. Ali and I both started to use Lira Clinical skin care knowing the science behind plant stem cell technology and we both absolutely love it and can’t wait to share it with our wonderful patients. The clinical trials prove they work, and now we can show you how they can work for you.

Schedule your free consultation and get started on a new path of anti-aging skin care.

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