Kybella | The Cost of a Defined Jawline

Kybella | The Cost of a Defined Jawline

Do you feel self-conscious about your double chin? Kybella may be a promising solution for you. It is an FDA-approved prescription injectable that treats moderate to severe fat below the chin. Deoxycholic acid, the active ingredient in Kybella, naturally exists in the body to break down fat cells. However, fat gets stored in areas like the chin when our body does not have enough. Kybella steps in to destroy fat cells in the area without damaging other tissues like muscle fibers and the skin. If you want a defined jawline, you may wonder what the Kybella cost is. Continue reading to learn more about Kybella and its pricing factors.

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Kybella Benefits

People enjoy these Kybella advantages:

  •  Quick and noticeable results
  •  Non-surgical procedure with no downtime
  •  Minimal discomfort and pain
  •  Long-lasting results
  •  Reduce fat in the cheeks, jawline, and neck

As with other cosmetic treatments, personal Kybella results vary. The best way to ensure excellent results is to select a reputable provider.

What Is Kybella?

The human body has a naturally occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid. This is responsible for supporting the breakdown and absorption of fat. Kybella is an injection that contains synthetic deoxycholic acid, which further helps the body expel excess fat under the chin. Fat cell death leads to tighter skin in the area. After the procedure, patients notice an improvement in their profiles as their neckline looks smoother.

Kybella stands out from alternative cosmetic injections like Botox. It does not require clients to get treatment every few months to maintain stunning results. In addition, once fat cells die off, fat does not accumulate under the chin. With that said, Kybella patients enjoy long-lasting results with no additional treatments in the future. Results are noticeable right after the treatment but take several months to fully manifest.

Since the treatment does not require incisions, there is no downtime involved. Furthermore, when administered by an experienced specialist, most patients do not feel anything during their injections.

Kybella Cost

Are you wondering how much Kybella will cost for you? Get an accurate quote by booking a consultation with nearby providers. Then, share your expectations and budget so that a professional can create a treatment plan to accommodate your needs.

Kybella Near Me | Aurora & Denver, CO

Always Beautiful Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics is the premier provider of Kybella injections in Aurora and Denver, CO. Residents in these cities trust us for their cosmetic treatments because we deliver outstanding results and make our patients feel comfortable.

Schedule a free consultation by calling us at (720) 280-7016. Let us further discuss Kybella cost and address your questions about the procedure. If you are a suitable candidate, we will take the next steps to help you say goodbye to your double chin.




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